Buy And Bid(page being built)

Check back here for our buy and bid list, soon to appear!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  This page is designed to give our clients a chance to obtain some of their desired collectibles at a more reasonable price than the normal retail level if other collectors do not want to buy the item right away at the normal price.  Please note that bids below 50% of the posted price will not be accepted!  These items are fairly priced and unrealistic and  low ball bids are not fair to us or to those that cosign to us their items.  Each item will remain on the board for at least 30 days from posted date, and last bids will be accepted at midnight on the last day of the period. Do not call us about status of bids and price levels, as it would be impossible to respond to all requests and maintain this page and would be unfair to those who have not asked but sent in their high bids.  

If you desire an item and want to make sure that you get it simply buy the coin in the normal way at the price posted.  Send your check and confirm order by E-Mail, as if buying other normal items from this Web Page. On receipt of payment, item will then be taken down from the Buy & Bid Board.   If you would like to have the item but don't want to pay full price you can bid at a slightly lower price and your bid and those of others will be considered together and the highest bidder will get the item at the end of the posted period.   You will need to send in your bids via E-Mail, U.S. mail, or via fax before the closing date.  If your bid wins we  will notify you via E-Mail or fax or U.S. Mail, as necessary. We will notify the highest bidder within about 48 hours of the end of the bid period.

If bidding you MUST include the item number, the description, and amount bid, and your full name, street address with zip code, E-Mail address if you have one, and your telephone number.  Note none of this information will be given out to anyone!  Please do not bid unless you are definitely going to buy the item at the price you bid.  Don't waste your time or our time and be fair to other bidders.  This page is done as a service to our serious collectors seeking more reasonable items for their collection. 

Payment and shipping costs must be made according to the rules set up under "Ordering from Us" and you must send us payment within 48 hours of receipt of notification of winning bid.


Item   # Date Posted Description Price