We are not normally a seller of supplies but as an assistance to our customers, especially when ordering coins, we will supply key reference books and some other supplies. Please look below for items that you need.

Remember read the book and you will be a better collector!



2013 Red Book, A Guide Book of United States Coins, (Soft-Spiral) This is the standard catalogue of retail prices for American coins including colonial issues. The prices are the average you might be expected to pay a dealer for collector coins you are seeking.  PRICE $14.95, plus postage (all prices given below are plus postage, see end of page on postage and handling costs.)

2013 "Blue Book" Handbook of United States Coins, R. S. Yeoman, (Soft Cover) This book provides price levels that are the average that dealers will BUY coins for in a given condition. It also provides some of the historical background and information about grades that are contained in the Red Book. $9.95

Cherry Picker's Guide to Rre Die Varieties, by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, 5th Edition, Vol. I.  This book provides the reader with information about scarce varieties and errors that one should look for when searching through coins in a more comprehensive level than the same subject pocket guide. This is a book for the more advanced collector. In soft-spiral .  $ 39.95

The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties, by Fey and Oxman, (Soft-Spiral) Handy pocket book for searching through Morgan Silver Dollars and seeking key varieties, small pocket format.  $29.95

The Early Paper Money of America, by Eric P. Newman, 5th Edition, the bible for Colonial and early American paper , with prices, 49.95

Coin Collectors Survival Manual, 3rd Edition. This book provides so-called "insider" insights into the collecting hobby from the perspective of a seasoned dealer and chapters are devoted to such subjects as grading services, auctions, market conditions, etc. $13.96

Tokens and Medals, by Alpert/Elman, A guide to the identification and values of U.S. exonumia. This is an excellent book on U.S. tokens and some medals. Soft Cover. it does not have the details of a specialized catalogue which just focuses on one type and its varieties, but rather touches on all major types, such as transportation, civil war, tradesman's, etc.  It gives generalized prices for some major types and a few specific prices for common items that the collector might come across. This is a key book for the starting collector of tokens.  $19.95 


Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 , (37th, (2010) Edition). 50,00 full size illustrations. This is the final volume of the series covering 20th century. All the volumes are very large -- the size of a big city telephone book and soft covered. 2,224 pages. $60.00

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1701 - 1800, current  Ed. This is one of the volumes published by Krause Publications for foreign coins. It prices the coins in various grades and gives basic information on these coins. This volume covers the 18th Century and is more for the specialist or advanced collector interested in earlier coins. $70.00

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1801-1900. Sixth edition. This volume covers the 19th Century and is part of the Krause family of catalogues covering all countries that minted coins during that period. $70.00

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700. Most recent Edition, This volume covers the 17th Century and is part of the Krause family of catalogues covering all countries that minted coins during that period. Softcover, 1,366 pages, 15,000 Black & White photos. $80.00

Standard Catalog of England and UK Coins 1066 to Date, 2004 Edition. This is the most comprehensive catalogue of British coins and in hardback. 50,000 coin prices. $37.95


Krause, Pick, Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol. II General Issues, 12th edition. Covers 1368 to 1960. 18,500 notes listed.  This is the definitive catalogue of world paper money is a must if you want to collect foreign paper money.  $80.00

Krause, Pick, Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues 1961-Current, Vol. III General Issues, 15th edition. This is the definitive catalogue of current world paper money. i/f you want to collect current world banknotes this is a must. $ 55.00

Krause, Pick, Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized. Vol. I, This is the volume that covers un-official paper money issues that are not covered in Vol. II above. Only useful if you are interested in specializing is private, sub-national, commercial, and other highly specialized paper money. $85.00


Sear, David R., Roman Coins and Their Values, Volume Two, hard back. From Accession of Nerva to the Overthrow of the Severan Dynasty (AD 96 - AD 235) The most read price guide and the standard work in its area, massive, the last edition. $150.00 


We are awaiting additional Stamp Catalogues, please send your wants to us and we will supply the catalogues you are seeking!

Bookman, United States, United Nations & Canada Stamps & Postal Collectibles, Recent Edition. This is a well known and well used one volume soft cover retail price guide of U.S., Canadian and UN major stamps.  It is a good and realistic price guide for the U.S. and Canadian and UN collector.  It uses the Scott numbering system so that you will be able to use the standard numbering system that is universally employed for almost all stamps. $25.95


Staple Type Cardboard Coins Holder 2x2, with mylar window, 100 for $3.50, 500 for $13.00.  These are the standard type of coin holders that are used among many collectors and dealer for their coins.  These holders are put in boxes which are sold below.  Please make sure that all windows are clear of cardboard dust before you place your coins in these holders. The other system for displaying a type collection is in an album which has holds for individual coins of the series. Albums of this type should not normally be used for high grade mint state coins.  

MS-70 (PVC Remover).  This material will help in cleaning coins that have come minor surface contamination. It is NOT a dip but a solvent that will not remove all tarnish and eat at the surface of the silver on a coin.  It is safer than a acid "dip" which we do not recommend that average collector use since on mint state coins such "acid dips" will remove the fine surface mint luster and considerably lower the value of the coin.  Do NOT clean your coins unless you have professional guidance and are willing to risk destroying much of the value of that coin.  (Note we do not carry this item at the moment.)

Double Row Heavy Duty coin 2x2 boxes, 14 inches long. (comes in red and black) This box will take your 2x2 envelopes and holders, it is a good way to keep your collection.  $7.95

Box of 500 2x2 white envelopes. You may either keep your coins in an Album or in envelopes and then in a box to house those envelopes. You may also wish to put the coins into safer smaller inert plastic envelopes or into individual plastic 2x2s (See Whitman plastic holder below), or in cardboard 2x2s with mylar windows. Keeping coins safe from contamination and environmental pollutants is a challenge to every collector. We recommend that you read about safe-guarding your collection in many of the informative sections in the catalogues. $7.00 each

Boxes 25@) of Whitman plastic coin holders. These clear and very safe and inert rigid plastic holders are among the safest way to keep your valuable coins. The come in all major U.S. denominations from One Cent to U.S. Silver Dollar.  Each box of 25 holders of the same type is $13.00

Currency Holders:  Special safety Plastic for Small Size U.S. Currency 20 for $16.00;  U.S. Large Size plastic holders 10 for $10.00.


POSTAGE FOR HEAVY ITEMS LIKE LARGE BOOKS (ESPECIALLY THE KRAUSE SOFT AND OTHER HARDBACK CATALOGUES) REQUIRE A MIN. OF $7.00 POSTAGE & HANDLING.  THIS INCLUDES THE VARIOUS WORLD COIN AND PAPER MONEY CATALOGUES.  Other less heavy items require $3.00 postage and handling. . Foreign purchases please write first for shipping costs -- there are a number of options for shipping abroad, but costs are higher than for U.S